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YouTube Music is a new music video streaming service launched by YouTube, a division of Google. It offers a very well customized user interface for this service oriented mainly towards online music viewing, enabling users to search through music videos and songs on YouTube according to music categories, playlists, and personal favorites. Moreover, it also allows the users to rate, comment, and collaborate with other users via the built in forum.

The most striking feature of this app is its ease of use. This is an ad supported version of the normal YouTube application, which means that you can freely upload and share your own videos with the help of this app without worrying about the expenses of the monthly service fees charged by YouTube for music streaming services. However, there is also a limited version of the YouTube Music app, which can be downloaded from the Android Market website for a price of $2. This limited version also has a few restrictions. For example, it does not support the version of the YouTube app, which is used to view videos in the mobile devices.

A unique feature of this app is that it also allows users to convert their songs into other popular streaming formats such as Apple Music and SoundCloud. Thus, you can listen to your favorite music videos using any of these three mobile apps, which are highly compatible with all the latest versions of the mobile devices running on the Android operating system. The subscription fees for YouTube Music are very affordable, considering that a single song from your collection could cost you up to forty dollars. Moreover, in addition to free versions of the app, YouTube offers free downloads of high quality music videos from renowned artists such as Adele, David Bowie, Beyonce Knowles, Lady GaGa, Pitbull, Akon, Rihanna, and many more. Thus, this music video streaming app gives you the chance to listen and watch your favorite songs, without spending too much.

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